TARB in Tanzania



Its been awhile since we've been active on our page and other social media outlets, because we've been working on remodeling our vision for the company and the products we sell. When we started out our goal was to sell as many trendy bags as possible using the traditional wholesale sources for our products. 

However, as some of you may have noticed we've recently partnered with a charitable organization to donate a portion of our proceeds to, Read International, is who we chose. We'd urge you to follow the link to TARB Causes to learn more about the charity. 

We decided to partner with Read International because we think there's more to it then selling a cute handbag for a simple profit. Our goal moving forward is to give you products with a purpose, so that you know your dollar went towards something more important. Don't get us wrong, fashion is an amazing vehicle of self expression, however, sometimes we can become overly obsessed with the expression rather than the message. We'd like our particular customers to become obsessed with our message of giving back and supporting the upliftment of humanity. 

Next month we'll be traveling to breathtaking Tanzania to donate the proceeds you all helped raise. A total of $1400 will go to this amazing charity. We'll be posting to our social media pages and hope you follow along. 

Drop us a line for any great suggestions for local spots in the country . 


Salma Zainab Jordan 

Founder & Creative Director of TARB

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