TARB Causes

Read International 

Aims to address the distinct lack of access to educational resources in Tanzanian secondary schools. READ was started by young inspired students and still today our organization has kept that youthful energy. We believe that young people have the ability to create change in their world and that education is the most powerful tool. We provide secondary schools with libraries by refurbishing old unused classrooms into inviting libraries and providing schools with the books they need for their students. Our libraries increase access to education for thousands of Tanzanian students, empower them to fulfill their potential, and improve their employment prospects in the future.

In the spirit of our humble beginnings, all of our work is carried about by Tanzanian university students looking to change their world.

TARB is partnering with READ International to donate 10% of the proceeds we receive from the ILLA LANE Collection to build a much needed library in the Tanga region of Tanzania. Everytime you purchase a piece from the ILLA LANCE Collection or the Morris Clutch you'll be offering children the opportunity to expand their horizons through books. Want to do a good deed without purchasing our products, click here for more info. 
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